Wise friend said:
If you play in Dice Games your goal is not to win but to help your luck.

* * *

Generaly the less opponents you will choose in DiceWars the more important will be your starting place. So the less players are in game the biggest luck is needed and more random is the game at first phase.

I will explain strategy for game with 8 players, but you can use it on any other games with less players.

Tower – 4 dices in one area.
Double-tower – 8 dices in one area.
Territory – Areas of one player that are connected to each other.

Phase 1. How to judge map?

Three things are important.
1. Are your areas close to each other, that you have chance to connect them in one turn?
2. Do you have towers (or more) on one or two areas?
3. Are your areas surrounded by weaker areas than yours?
If you answered 3 times ‚yes’ that means this map is easy.
Less ‚yes’ you have, the bigger chance you will lose in first, second or thrid round. 🙂

I think it’s hard to find map with the middle dificulty. Mainly there are maps that are quite easy to win or maps on which winning is impossible if you do not have a huge luck.

Phase 2. Starting game: Connect yourself.

At start very important thing is to connect all your teritories (if it’s possible) and to conquer as many areas as it is possible. As you can see towers are very helpful to do this. If you do not have a chance to connect one of your areas to the main body it’s good idea to leave it for better time. At the end of the turn you will get such amount of new dices as your biggest teritory has areas.

It was hard to get used to this but at the start of the turn, when your towers are big, the best idea is to attack the strongest defenced areas. For me, the best idea is to attack areas that have one dice less than yours. The exception is when you have 2 dices. Then I usualy attack also areas with 2 dices.

If you manage, after first round, to have territory with 7 areas, it’s good. If you have 11 or more that means: This game will end quickly. 🙂 6 areas after 1 turn is very often not enough and if you have 5 you can start another game. 🙂 So as you can see the difference between very good and very bad situation is not big.

Don’t worry if you end with many territories that have only one dice on them. Still there is a chance that not all of them will be conquered. From the other side, it is not a good idea to lose dices by atacking strongest areas than yours. From the other other site 🙂 sometimes there is no other way.

Phase 3: Middle game. Avoiding double-towers.

Middle game starts when 3 or more players have towers and they can defend some of their areas during one turn. This is the time to start middle game strategy. The idea is to avoid areas that are defended by double-towers. Usually those areas are close to the edge of the map. So, when it is your turn to attack, select those areas and areas that border on them and just do not atack them. Thanks to this (for you) your opponents won’t have chance to attack you with their main forces. That means that you will have time to build up your dice-army. If you are the strongest try to conquer all areas that you can (except those that I mentioned earlier). If you aren’t the strongest player, help other players in atacking the strongest one. If they do not atack you, do not atack them as well or destroy them if you have enough dice-soldiers. The most important thing is to become the strongest player. If you are – time is your ally.

Phase 4: Ending the game. Kill them one by one.

If you are the strongest player and all other players only atack you that means the game should be ended. So, because of the middle-game strategy, theritories of your enemies have weak borders and very strong centers. Start to atack in a way that will allow your opponent to use only one of his double-towers during his turn. Do not be hurry, it’s still easy to lose whole game. In his turn he will attack you with this opened double-tower but it should be quite easy to take back all lost areas and conquer one area more. One by one you should kill them all.

I hope this will help you. Good luck.